Once again, WordPress not allowing my paragraph spacing? Sorry. The inaugural ValleyCat was a first of the kind for the Dropouts foursome. Races were cancelled and families were put to the side for this one day as Dropouts Cycle Club’s Matt, Jon, Luke, and Callum leapt at this chance to dip our warm toes into the waters of ValleyCat – Brevet meets Alleycat. Tempestuous and … Continue reading ValleyCat

Cooking: The Grand Tour Cookbook vs. Velochef

WordPress is not allowing my line spacing and paragraphs to function properly, please excuse the lack of spacing. This year we have seen the release of two cookbooks that are aimed at cyclists. They are packed with healthy recipes to optimise performance on the bike, and stimulate taste buds at the table. Common belief says that professional athletes follow an incredibly strict diet, conforming to … Continue reading Cooking: The Grand Tour Cookbook vs. Velochef

Climbing: Hands that hold the future.

Here is an interview that I conducted for Bristol Climbing Scene (my other project): Bristol was chosen to host the finals of the BMC/MCofS Junior Boulder Cup 2015, with the event being hosted at Bloc. I spent some time getting an insight into the fascinating pre- and post-event processes behind putting on such an event, and of course a crucial part of this process … Continue reading Climbing: Hands that hold the future.

Cycling: Road to Red Hook Crit

So as leader of the Bristol Dropouts Race Team, I am hugely excited to be part of such a strong crew to be competing in the Red Hook Criterium. For anybody who loves bikes, riding fixed gear, racing bikes, or just cycling culture on the whole, it is a truly iconic event. It’s only 2 weeks away now and we have been training hard to … Continue reading Cycling: Road to Red Hook Crit

Pro-Solitude Bristol. Part 1: Esoteric Dining.

For foodies and introverts, a fantastical experience can be found in finding your sanctuary eatery. And depending on how you go about your business, this could mean that you resort to this ‘safe place’ to work, to read, to relax, or to fully immerse yourself in a food experience. Dining with a companion has numerous positives. Shared experiences are often intenser than those experienced alone … Continue reading Pro-Solitude Bristol. Part 1: Esoteric Dining.

Cycling: Bristol Grand Prix

The weekend that commenced 20/6/15 saw a landslide of cyclists, cycling based things, and general celebration of cycling come to Bristol. This tied in with the Bristol Big Green Week. I was honored to race in the Bristol Grand Prix, a city centre Criterium event that was organised by Le Sportif. The course was a tight 1.2km circuit in the very centre, going partially up … Continue reading Cycling: Bristol Grand Prix

Cycling: Rapha Peak Prestige

On 13th June, we headed up North to do some rides in the astounding Peak District. The Rapha Peak Prestige is part of a series of ‘Prestige’ events that Rapha organise, they are somewhat like sportives. However, the concept is that the rides are unsupported; they are not races; and the glory of cycling is the pillar of importance on these rides. Each Prestige event … Continue reading Cycling: Rapha Peak Prestige

Cycling: Ride Reports 30/31 May 2015

Saturday Fast becoming a tradition now, Dropouts’ Saturday rides are for those who want to push themselves and get faster. I was short for time this Saturday due to another commitment, so the route was kept to the official Dropouts test-piece, a route which any rider can attempt to throw down the gauntlet on. Simon turned up on his single-speed and gave it 200%, holding … Continue reading Cycling: Ride Reports 30/31 May 2015